Every culture, every tribe, and every corporation has a “creation story” that gives meaning to their existence. It is their reason for being, the mission statement, and the bond that reveals a common purpose. It is the foundation of the tribe that is necessary for a group of people to share an inspiration or achieve a collective goal. Similarly, a “vision story” connects the traditions of the past with a commitment to the future. It is the bridge from what was, to what can be. The vision story embraces the cultural history of the organization, celebrates is core values, and then charts a new course into the future.

It is my purpose, and the meaning of my existence is to help you find and write your story. I will uncover what makes your company or organization special, and expose what will unite your employees and engage your customers. I will write your story and provide your marketing and advertising folks with fresh insights to share your story and generate sales. To make your audience care you need to believe it yourself. You need to believe in your history and take the best of what you once were into the future with you as you chart a new course. If you are seeking a new path or struggling to find your unique purpose…you need to hire a storyteller.