A graduate of R.I.T. and Harvard University, David Noyes has had two very distinct careers. Prior to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, David worked in marketing and advertising as a commercial photographer and the owner of a small advertising agency. Initially founded in 1986 as a large-format still-life and product photography studio in Boston, Massachusetts, David expanded Noyes Studio in 1996 into a full-service ad agency and design firm.

For six years, David and his team produced national trade and consumer print advertising, annual reports, press kits, and collateral marketing materials—as well as helping small and mid-size corporations with media and strategic planning, concept development, branding and positioning, media buying, and public relations.

Like so many others, David’s business ground to a halt as the nation healed in the months following 9/11. Very quickly David took his career in a new direction. He sold his studio strobes, tore down his 40-foot corner cyc-wall, and let his staff move on to other things. Within a year David and his partner Sean Ward, launched their award winning Experience Outdoors magazine. While Experience Outdoors suspended publishing in 2005, David continues to work in publishing as an editor, publisher, and Custom Publishing consultant.

In 2011, David helped AAA Western and Central New York develop a custom publishing capability and launch their award winning AAA club magazine Member Connection, as the founding editor and publisher. His work as a travel writer, photographer, and storyteller has taken him to some of the most remote and exotic places on Earth.

David’s most recent project is the 2013 launch of his nonprofit corporation Innocent Eyes Project, Inc. Innocent Eyes Project will support grassroots child education programs working in developing countries by raising and allocating funds for projects where small amounts of money can have the largest impact on underserved children and communities. Learn more about David’s project at: www.InnocentEyesProject.org

Travel Journalism Awards

Travel Photography

2012 Grand Prize: Photography, NATJA

2011 Grand Prize: Photography, NATJA

2010 Grand Prize: Photography, NATJA

2012 Gold Award, Overall Excellence, NATJA

2011 Gold Award, Overall Excellence, NATJA

2010 Gold Award, Overall Excellence, NATJA

2012 Gold Award, Landscape Photograph, NATJA

2011 Silver Award, Landscape Photograph, NATJA

2011 Gold Award, Portrait Photograph, NATJA

2007 Gold Award, Landscape Photograph, NATJA

Travel Writing

2013 Silver Lowell Thomas Award, Adventure Travel Article

2010 Bronze Lowell Thomas Award, Cultural Tourism Article

2013 Gold Award, Sports and Recreation – Internet Article, NATJA

2012 Gold Award, Local Lifestyle – Internet Article, NATJA

2011 Gold Award, Destination Travel, NATJA

2010 Silver Award, Destination Travel, NATJA

2009 Merit Award, Destination Travel, NATJA

2007 Gold Award, Destination Travel, NATJA

2004 Gold Award, Sports in Conjunction with Travel, NATJA

2004 Gold Award, Destination Travel, NATJA

2003 Gold Award, Destination Travel, NATJA